August 17, 2012

Happy Friday!  I can't believe the weekend came so fast, but I won't argue about it!  I hope you have plans for a fun weekend--my husband and I are spending time with two of our dearest friends.  I'll make time for laundry and vacuuming next week...this weekend friends and family come first.  Here's a fun little poem penned by Sir Walter Scott that sums up my enjoyment of Door County.  I hope you like it too!

Hie Away...

Hie away, hie away,
Over bank and over brae,
Where the copsewood is the greenest,
Where the  fountains glisten sheenest,
Where the lady-fern grows strongest,
Where the morning dew lies longest,
Where the black-cock sweetest sips it,
Where the fairy latest trips it:
Hie to haunts right seldom seen,
Lovely, lonesome, cool and green,
Over bank and over brae,
Hie away, hie away.

Cave Point State Park, Door County, Wisconsin

Have a wonderful weekend--I'll be back on Monday morning with some thoughts (and new pictures?!) of Emily Dickinson!  Do you like her poetry as much as I do?

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