August 7, 2012

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  I hope your week got off to a good start yesterday--here in my state the horrible hot weather packed up its suitcase and went on vacation, and I hope it stays away for quite some time!  It feels wonderful to be able to open the windows and feel fresh air instead of a blast of heat.  I spent most of last night thinking about my post for today--this poem conveys the sense of sadness I feel at the senseless shootings in Aurora and Milwaukee.  I want to take today to honor those victims.

Chorus from a Tragedy
Leonard Bacon

The world is no longer good.
Men's hearts no more are kind.
There is coldness in the mind,
Bitterness in the blood.
And I am not resigned.

When they talk of burning things
That touch me to the heart,
They trammel music and art,
They wither Ariel's wings
Or tear his pinions apart.

We shall not have things as they were,
Not as they were before.
If I had the heart to restore,
Would the chestnut thicken its burr?
Would the olive leaf once more?

May your day be blessed with goodness.

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