August 5, 2012

Good morning!  Having learned my lesson yesterday about procrastinating on writing my post and feeling vaguely guilty all day about it, I woke up this morning determined to find the perfect poem early in the day!  And with the help of my mother's 1941 Viking Book of Poetry (sorry, Mom, if you have been looking for your book!) I found one that amused me, and I hope you enjoy it as well.  My husband is an avid golfer, and likes to get up EARLY in the morning and start his day on the course while the sun is still coming up.  Most of the time I can manage to sleep through his early morning dressing and leaving the house, but not always.  This poem reminded me of how sometimes couples with sleep cycles that don't quite match have to make compromises.  Have a wonderful Sunday...carpe diem!

"Anna-Marie, Love, Up is the Sun"
from Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott

Knight:  Anna-Marie, love, up is the sun,
Anna-Marie, love, morn is begun,
Mists are dispersing, love, birds singing free,
Up in the morning, love, Anna-Marie.
Anna-Marie, love, up in the morn,
The hunter is winding blithe sounds on his horn,
The echo rings merry from rock and from tree.
'Tis time to arouse thee, love, Anna-Marie.

Wamba:  O Tybalt, love, Tybalt, awake me not yet,
Around my soft pillow while softer dreams flit;
For what are the joys that in waking we prove,
Compared with these visions, O Tybalt! my love?
Let the birds to the rise of the mist carol shrill,
Let the hunter blow out his loud horn on the hill,
Softer sounds, softer pleasure, in slumber I prove,
But think not I dream of thee, Tybalt, my love.

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