February 26, 2013

The time has come, the Walrus said...

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things;
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax,
Of cabbages and kings...."
While these aren't little oysters begging for more stories from the Walrus,  I do think these little guys look like they are begging for a closet re-do!
Lately every time I opened my daughter's bedroom and looked at her closet, I was reminded of the Walrus' hodgepodge list of miscellany.  We took the doors off her large closet years ago and over time it had become the repository for all those bits of flotsam and jetsam that float around the house looking for a place to land.  

Right side of closet--purses, old lampshade, and the glass top to an old coffee table I'm restoring (thanks to Willow's energetic teething!)
One of my favorite magazines is Stampington & Company's Where Women Create, which has me oohing and aah-ing over the beautiful and creative work spaces that women carve out for themselves.  It finally dawned on me that I had could also create such a space for myself...I just had to think outside the box a little.  Or in this case, think outside the closet!

Spoiler alert:  this next picture IS NOT my house!
Seriously...wouldn't you just feel like you had died and gone to heaven with a craft room like this?!

I must confess, it's a little embarrassing to show these 'before' closet pictures, but I try to keep it real in my blog and not just show the pretty side of my life, so here it is.  Please tell me you have tucked-away corners like this in your home too!

Old computer desk, wallpaper, storage boxes, miscellaneous books and on the floor--my 'new' Barbie Date Night game!
With my daughter in college and newly engaged, she is only home to visit on weekends and over the holidays, so as long as I keep her bed so she has a place to lay her head at night, I feel no qualms about commandeering her closet for my own creative nook.  Join me tomorrow for the first peek at my closet reclamation!

The Closet

Joel Bjorling
The bulging closet is
Breaking the hinged door,
And mildew is starting
To saturate the carpet floor;
I need to take a day--
Oh, God, may it be soon--
To plunge into the rummage
Before it reaches to the moon.

It took a crowbar
To open the door;
There was a solid wall of "stuff",
How could there be room for more?
Blankets, bedspreads, boxes,
Crayons, tattered pants, and shoes,
A bicycle, a skateboard,
And a forgotten game of Clue.

A couple of times,
I was nearly sucked into the mire,
Kicking to escape
From a twisted, inner-tube tire;
One hasty move
Could cause an avalanche,
And, heaven knows,
I'd never have a chance.

Finally, after digging and pitching,
The closet was clean,
Thanks to Fabreze and Murphy's Soap,
It's now a gem to be seen;
I defeated the smelly dragon
And he's gone without a trace;
The closet is organized,
With everything in place.

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