February 18, 2013

The ordinary man

no ordinary quotes

When I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, my friend and I passed by the old Chicago library, now the Chicago Cultural Center.  We usually make time to stop inside--it's a beautiful old building and the architecture alone is worth a visit. 

We've sometimes caught free Sunday afternoon classical concerts in the beautiful Preston Bradley Hall, where the music integrates seamlessly with the stunning room.

Chicago Cultural Center Concert

We also can't resist the allure of the Art-o-Mat.  An Art-o-Mat is a retired cigarette vending machine, converted into original art dispensers and displayed in city art museums worldwide.  This particular machine has been at the Cultural Center since 2000, and we get a kick out of picking our very own original art for two dollars--who could resist such a deal?!

We didn't have time to stop by this visit, but we were intrigued as to what kind of exhibit prompted these big banners hanging all around the perimeter of the building.  All the hype at present is about how you should strive to be extraordinary, so the banners were a little jarring.

Over the weekend I was thinking about all the men in my life--my father (who would have celebrated his 89th birthday on Saturday), my grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and my brothers, as well as the most important men in my life--my husband and my sons.  All men of extraordinary character, but men who lead quiet, ordinary lives.  Men who care for their families, try to do their level best at all times, and show up on time for their commitments to their employers, their churches, their friends and their families.  No hype, no drama, occasionally overworked, usually underpaid, but always loving and ready to lend a helping hand.  I guess my vote is for ordinary...who could want more than this?

The Ordinary Man
Robert W. Service

If you and I should chance to meet,
I guess you wouldn't care;
I'm sure you'd pass me in the street
As if I wasn't there;
You'd never look me in the face,
My modest mug to scan,
Because I'm just a commonplace
       And Ordinary Man.

But then, it may be, you are too
A guy of every day,
Who does the job he's told to do
And takes the wife his pay;
Who makes a home and kids his care,
And works with pick or pen. . . .
Why, Pal, I guess we're just a pair
       Of Ordinary Men.

We plug away and make no fuss,
Our feats are never crowned;
And yet it's common coves like us
Who make the world go round.
And as we steer a steady course
By God's predestined plan,
Hats off to that almighty Force:
For my blogging friends who were expecting to see a post about Downton Abbey's season finale today, all I can say is I need a little time to recover from the ending.  Maybe I can gather my thoughts on the finale later this week, but for now I'm sticking to more 'ordinary' posts!


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  1. I will take the "ordinary man with extraordinary character" any day!
    Downton made me so sad. Agh!!!