February 21, 2013

Stella and Naomi

If you have a garden and a library... 

If this sign is correct, then I am indeed a blessed woman!  My bookshelves are overflowing (more on my plans to 'weed' out my library collection on a later post) and my garden is hibernating, waiting for spring to return and wake it up.  And in a happy coincidence, my library window looks out into my garden!  What more could I ask for?  I could, I suppose, ask for spring to arrive soon or today's snowstorm to disappear, but I know it will all happen at the right time.

I thought today I would share two additional 'memory' plants with you from my garden.  My dad's mother had two special sisters, Aunt Naomi and Aunt Stella.  They were both widowed rather young and were devoted to each other, living together until Naomi's death, at which time Stella moved to South Dakota to be with all of us.  During college I used to take the Greyhound bus from Lawrence, Kansas to their Missouri home, where I would be pampered all weekend.  I was 500 miles from home and frequently homesick and my visits to those two wonderful women were high points for me.  I am lucky enough to now enjoy the special china in my home that Stella would set out for me when I visited, making me feel like an honored guest.  I proudly use it as my "Sunday best" and think loving thoughts of her with every dish I set out.  

English Johnson Brothers Devonshire pattern
During one visit Aunt Stella sorted through a trunk full of linens in the basement and gifted me with a beautiful pink quilt she had hand stitched years before.  I treasure it and display in in my library, where it brings back gentle reminders of the sweetness and kindness of two gentle women.  
Aunt Stella, Aunt Naomi, my dad and me, @ 1974
So of course my garden has to include something that reminds me of Stella and Naomi, and what better than cheerful daylilies that bring exuberant color to the garden?  I have lined my garden walk with vibrant yellow Stella D'Oro lilies:

Taken last year in mid-spring, so the garden isn't  filled out yet
and I filled in one side of my perennial garden with Naomi Ruth daylilies, whose beautiful apricot/orange hues blend well with the purple Russian sage.  And as luck would have it, Ruth was my grandmother's name!  So there you have it, three sisters all hanging out in my garden, brightening my world every day.

 Here's a pretty little poem that salutes my daylilies (title and author unknown):

Awake, glorious belle,
Come out in your apricot gown
With silent trumpet sounding

Morning dew lies sweetly
Upon petals of flesh
Let the breeze caresses you
And send you dancing in sun’s spotlight

Rejoice in your day
Evening comes too soon

Wilting, folding inward
You bow your head and wonder
If anyone even noticed you there

Take heart
The Creator saw all
And sends comforting words
Floating on night winds
“Well done”

Do not Disturb

 Have a wonderful Thursday, and stay warm!

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