February 28, 2013

The Big Reveal!

Oh boy, I feel like I'm the host of one of HGTV's makeover shows!  Lights, camera, action...it's time for my 'crafty' closet reveal!  (drumroll....)

(for a little closet)

Whoooo loves the finished bookcase?  (sorry, that was a terrible pun).  But I couldn't resist this white owl vase at Michael's, on sale for $5, the perfect container for my scissors and a cheerful reminder of my new backyard resident.  Walmart's little plastic bins hold my measuring tapes, buttons and ribbons, and I also picked up enough magazine holders to house my collection of HGTV, Victoria, Where Women Create and Artful Blogging.  (Lest you think this is ALL of my magazine collection, I rush to assure you that the remainder of my beloved Victoria magazines are in my library.)

I now finally have a safe place to put my cross stitch frame when it's not in use.  I love using it and it makes cross stitching easier on my hands since I don't have to hold a hoop anymore. It also holds the pattern at a perfect height and distance and has a magnetic strip to keep my needles and embroidery scissors close at hand.  But when I'm finished for the night it doesn't look very artistic perched on top of the piano!  I already had the lamp and used a plain white frame to show off a little more of the colorful Chicago paper. 

And it simply wouldn't be a reflection of who I am if I didn't have a reminder of my parents displayed.  The pink card is my first Valentine card from my dad..  I came across it recently and thought it would look perfect on my bookcase, as he is never far from my thoughts. 

Isn't my mother beautiful?  I love this picture of her, taken when she was in her early twenties.  (Sorry, Mother, I know it's not one of your favorite pictures, but it makes me smile every time I look at it.)

And here's the final picture for today.  I had planned on showing off the whole closet, but I had more pictures than I realized!  Here is how the right side of the closet turned out:

The pretty floral decals were on sale at Shopko, and I already had the box and baskets.  Did you spot my Barbie Date Night game in its new place of honor?  I also hung a picture collage I made for my daughter her freshman year of college, which has pictures of the two of us when she turned one and again when she was eighteen.  It has a sweet quote from Winnie the Pooh that I'll leave with you today, and tomorrow I'll be back for.....the rest of the story! (please tell me you know Paul Harvey)

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  1. Doesn't it feel wonderful to have it all sorted out and looking new and pretty? Seriously, I always feel like I've removed a huge weight from my shoulders after I get things neat and organized.