March 12, 2014

Who goes there?

While I am more than ready to say goodbye to all the snow in my yard the one thing I will miss is waking up each morning and checking to see who has been playing in my backyard.  I may not have little ones now to make snowmen and snow angels, but I certainly have a number of little critters that like to frolic in the snow. One evening I caught a glimpse of three bunnies all playing together--leaping and jumping and running all around.  I have to admit, it looked like fun!

I think the bunnies live under the row of arbor vitae at the right edge of my lawn, while the sliding tracks of our resident groundhog show that he has clearly taken residence under the deck.  I'm not so sure of the other tracks, but I have seen giant raccoons (and I do mean giant!) and fox on occasion so you never know who has stopped by for a little conversation and snow play.

Maybe I should pick up this book for my library?  

With the snow starting to melt, I guess I could take this creative approach with play dough and make my own snow tracks!  Where were all these great ideas when my kids were little?  I am now tucking them away for future grandma days...

winter play dough play for kids

Here's a short (by definition!) little haiku about tracks in the snow:


tracks in fresh snow -
a Reynard
Let's make it a wonderful day!


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