March 17, 2014

Top of the morning to you!

Question:  how much fun can two friends have in 36 hours?  
Answer:  An enormous amount!

My good friend and I had our yearly "adventure" this past weekend, although instead of Chicago, our normal haunt, we tackled downtown Milwaukee and managed to squeeze in more fun than should be legal in the space of thirty six hours.  I'll have to get creative with sharing our adventure(s) with you as I discovered I had left the memory card out of my camera so disappointingly I have no pictures of our trip, but I do have wonderful memories tucked away in my brain's memory card!  

And because it is St. Patrick's Day, I'm sharing one of our experiences out of order.  We ended our grand adventure in the vibrant city of Milwaukee with an afternoon concert by the magnificent Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the amazing Irish group Cherish the Ladies.  Or, as the group's leader announced from stage, Worship the Women, as they were once mistakenly introduced!  

We had front row seats (and I mean front row) and were literally just a few feet away from all the action--marvelous musicians, world famous Irish step dancers and Milwaukee's own amazing young Trinity Irish Dancers.  What a lovely way to cap off a weekend of fun and also a way to welcome a little bit of Irish into our hearts.  Because today, everyone is Irish, right?!  Tonight I'll make my family's "leprechaun soup" and a loaf of Irish bread and be thankful for all my blessings.  Sláinte!!

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