March 10, 2014

a bit of wondrous mystery...

Whew...what a busy weekend!  I am finally (finally!) starting to feel like myself again, and between the balmy temperatures (almost 40 degrees outside!), hearing some bird songs, and the bright sunshine I had the energy to tackle a few projects.  I started a gift for a friend's new granddaughter, picked up the house, did a little shopping, and finally made my new "spring" banner for the china cabinet.  But the biggest part of my weekend was spent in "baby" activities...I'm helping plan a baby shower for my daughter-in-law in April and I did a lot of printing, trimming and envelope addressing.  And as a special treat I was able to have lunch with her and hear about all the latest plans.  Nine weeks and counting...what an exciting time for our family!

I feel so incredibly thankful--that the baby will soon be here, that my son and daughter-in-law live close by, and that they are excited to share this special time with all of the family.  And one of the most special parts of my weekend?  My daughter-in-law letting me feel the baby kick.  Child of my child, growing and moving and soon to join us in the world--may you always know that...  

Before you were conceived
I wanted you.
Before you were born
I loved you.
Before you were here an hour
I would give my life for you.
This is the miracle of life.

Here is a lovely poem about this special time that I found last night, but unfortunately I could not find the author's name.  Blessings on all of you today--let's make it a wonderful week!

Little Baby in my womb
I feel you move within me
A bit of wondrous mystery,
As I wonder how you’ll be.

Miracle of life you are,
My innocent and perfect child
Formed by your Creator,
God Himself in Heaven smiled.

He looked down upon our home,
An heritage celestial, like no other
A precious blessing for our home
Gift of God, wrapped all in wonder.

Perfect little fingers, ten
I long to caress your softest skin
Little toes on little feet
Just little dots now, so small, so sweet.

Eyes of brown, or eyes of blue?
How I long to look at you.
Eyes still closed in silent sleep
I wish to gaze at you, perfect you.

For now I feel pleased and content
To feel you move within me
My darling mystery, growing within me

I wonder at you, Miracle Within...

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