January 25, 2013

It's time to heat things about a bit!  

It's still cold outside, so I'm turning to one of my favorite movies to help set the mood for an evening that doesn't involve snow, wind chills or frigid temperatures!  We're having company tonight so I'm stepping into Rick's for a little inspiration.  Care to join me?
Right about now I think all of us could use a little added warmth, so I have a big pot of Moroccan chicken simmering in the crockpot with peaches, dried apricots and all sorts of pungent spices.  I've  experimented with a new Tunisian carrot salad recipe--shredded carrots tossed with raisins, parsley, feta cheese and dressed with lemon juice, olive oil and harissa sauce (a Tunisian hot chili sauce).  That ought to heat things up a bit!  We are looking forward to entertaining friends tonight, and all I need do after work is cook the couscous, make a citrus ginger dressing for the tossed salad and warm the naan flatbread.  Pour the wine, and let the spicy fragrances of Africa transport us to a warmer place, even if it is only for a night....
Close your eyes (so you don't have to see the thermal underwear, flannel shirts, parkas, caps, gloves, wool socks and extra afghans strewn about the room) and picture this instead.  In the distance shimmers a welcome shade of green....under waving palms a chance perhaps to dream....
Nature Other Desert oasis Wallpaper (click to view)

The endless sea of sand
Such beauty to behold.
Glistening under the brightest sun
The colour of liquid gold
The camels trek in endless lines
Carrying their heavy load
Uncomplaining on they march
Across the sea of gold
In the distance shimmers
A welcome shade of green
The cool oasis beckons
Under waving palms
A chance perhaps to dream
Time will come to leave this place
It will be hard to part
Because for now I feel it etched
Forever in my heart. 

Here's looking at you, kid!

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