January 11, 2013

I'm taking my own advice today.  Yesterday I mentioned that my smile had 'slipped' a little, but last night I was thinking of things that made me laugh this week, and realized that in spite of some crummy moments, there was a whole lot to enjoy these last few days!
Taking my own advice!

I always smile when I have tea in my beautiful blue and white willow ware teacup.  My husband bought  two of these  gorgeous cups in Harrods so that my mother and I could remember our London trip every time we had tea together.  Every time I sip tea from this cup I think of sharing our English adventures with my mom, and how much fun we had exploring the city!

I wrote about this poster back in November.  It was featured in an Etsy shop, and  after the holidays I ordered it for my kitchen.  It arrived last night and I can't wait to frame and hang it this weekend.  Seriously, this quote from the obsequious Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice makes me snicker every time I see it!
You can have your own excellent potato print by visiting http://www.etsy.com/shop/LeighsArt

Okay, maybe this is middle school humor, but how funny are these pictures?  A series of  Edith pictures (the awkward, unloved middle sister in Downton Abbey) , with Edith sporting google eyes, has popped up this week and had me laughing out loud at the results.

This picture should properly go at the end of my blog, because this is my plan for the weekend!!
But I put this hilarious facebook post at the end because it's rather long, but sooo deliciously funny.  This made me laugh out loud first thing this morning, and I hope you enjoy it as well.  I guess I did have many lovely moments that gave me somthing to smile about this week!  I hope the same was true for your week, and that you cap off the week with a wonderful weekend.   Don't forget, episode two of Downton Abbey is Sunday night on Masterpiece Theater!  

Oh, how facebook has taken the world by storm, even the post-WW1 time of Downton Abbey!  Here's a peek at how episode 1 would have been presented if aired on facebook instead of television....

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  1. You have definitely made me smile today but I was having coffee not tea this morning - needed a bit of an extra kick to get me out of bed today.

    I love the Downton Abbey Facebook page! I wish it were a real page - I'd be on it all day!

    Looking forward to when you upload the needlepoint page. I used to love needlepoint.

    Have a great weekend!

    - Cassandra from Renaissance Women