January 24, 2013

It's snowing out again.  It wasn't supposed to snow this week, but someone forgot to tell that to the beautiful snowflakes blowing around outside my window.  Since I am tucked in safe and warm inside my home I enjoy watching the fluffy flakes drift past--it looks like I am in a giant snowglobe that someone has gently shaken.

But if I were out deep in the woods on a snowy evening it might be a different story.  The first poem I ever memorized was Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, and it remains one of my favorites.  There have been so many essays written about the true meaning of this poem, and so many tiresome analyses of what Frost intended to convey in this poem, but this is one of his poems that I prefer to enjoy for the lovely iambic lines and simplicity of language.

A few years ago I ran across a beautiful copy of the poem, illustrated by Susan Jeffers, that really captures the hauntingly lovely trek through the woods.  I love to display the book on my coffee table during the winter months, where people can enjoy this treasure of a book.
And there's my owl, stirring up trouble as usual!  I love the joyful fun conveyed in the creation of the snow angel.
 The poem ends with the plaintive nod to obligations and responsibilities that can no longer be put off, but perhaps they are not too onerous if the end of the journey brings you home to loved ones.

We all have promises to keep, don't we?  Responsibilities and bligations to family, employers, friends, our faith, and our communities can weigh us down at times, but taking a moment to enjoy nature and feel at one with the world goes a long way towards restoring our weary spirits.  I hope we can all find a few moments to 'watch the woods fill up with snow'!

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