December 13, 2013

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Christmas is coming, you can't deny that
Each day it creeps a bit more near
But today we stop and celebrate Matt
Who graduates tomorrow--hip hip cheer cheer!!

I never said I was a poet, I just like to read and write about poetry!  But feeble verse aside, before I can really settle down and focus on Christmas, this weekend we will first celebrate my youngest son's graduation from college.  With a double major in theater and radio/tv/film, we have sat in the audience and been moved to tears and laughter by his flawless performances.
The Underpants, adaptation by Steve Martin
The Madwoman of Chaillot
We have sat at home and roared with laughter at his truly zany screen persona in the nationally award winning television series "Tales from a College Dorm."  And cringed just a little when his craft called for "unusual" hair styles...

Tales from a College Dorm

Solid State
We've bit our nails in suspense watching him try to save his wife and newborn child in the student film Surface (that received special mention by documentary film producer/director Michael Moore).  We have watched him grow from a young man who dreamed of Hollywood...

 into an accomplished actor, screenwriter, stage manager, and director.

And he seems to have all the right moves!!
We are so very proud of you, son.
And as an added bonus, not only is our son graduating tomorrow, but also our daughter's fiance', who our son introduced to our daughter, telling her "she had to meet this really great guy."  And he is exactly that.  A great guy with a big heart and now a college degree!  

So today we celebrate two amazing young men who are setting out on their own unique paths.  We wish you all the best.  We give you our love, our congratulations and our undying support.  Now get on your way!

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