December 16, 2013

Happy Monday to all of you, and Happy Birthday to one of my very favorite authors, Jane Austen!
Back in college I was the geek with the JA novels lined up on my bookshelf.  Since then, my admiration for her writing has only grown, and you can imagine how fast my heart was racing when I was able to visit Bath a few years ago and see the Pump Room, the Royal Crescent and her home.  Jane lived at Number 4 in Sydney Place from 1801 -1805.

Jane Austen's home
Jane lived at Number 4 in Sydney Place from 1801 -1805.

Jane's novels Persuasion and Northanger Abbey are both situated in Bath. You can stroll along The Gravel Walk and arrive at the Royal Circle to see fine residences. Characters in Persuasion went to the Royal Crescent and the Pump Room to see and be seen.  I was so excited to see buildings I had only read about!
 Royal Crescent
Royal Crescent townhouses


 Mineral Waters from the Pump Room

 Mineral Waters from the Pump

I think I love Jane so much because of her sharp tongue...I have an unfortunate tendency to sometimes get a little "snippy" but I think Jane and I could have been kindred spirits in that regard...
So here is a delightful cake in her honor...I wish we could all meet and enjoy it together!  But it really is too pretty to cut, isn't it?  Have a lovely Austen-esque day (call everyone Miss and Mr. and do not use any contractions; use the word amiable in conversations; sip tea and do some needlework) and tomorrow I'll have some pictures to post of our son's college graduation! 

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