November 28, 2012

A dollar for daring to dream....

After all the hub-bub at my home over Thanksgiving, with relatives visiting, my daughter getting engaged, attending a holiday concert that my husband was helping produce, putting up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving so the kids could get their ornaments on it before heading back to college, and then celebrating my thirtieth anniversary yesterday....I hadn't given much thought to what I was going to write for today's post.  I am not quite ready to start talking about Christmas yet, but when I went to the convenience store for a cup of coffee this morning on my way to work, inspiration hit.  I had to stand in a rather long line and watched while person after person bought a cup of coffee and put a few dollars down for a dream.  A five hundred million dollar dream, to be exact.  Is that crazy money or what??!! 

Two years ago while we were camping in Door County, we spent one memorable night under the stars at the American Folklore Theater in Peninsula State Park, attending its premiere of Cheeseheads The Musical.  It is a rolicking story, based on the true events of a group of Sargento Cheese production workers in Fond du Lac, WI, who won $208 million in a 2006 lottery drawing.  There is a really cute song in the musical about daring to dream by purchasing a lottery ticket, a song that must be playing in millions of American heads today. 

Over the weekend my husband kept finding a quarter and a dime, everywhere he turned.  Pocket of his bathrobe...quarter and a dime.  Opened the kitchen pantry...quarter and a dime fell out onto the floor (from my pantry, what the heck?!).  Coat pocket...quarter and a dime.  So, needless to say, we succumbed to today's frenzy as well, and 25 and 10 are two of the numbers we used! 

Dashing to the store
To purchase just one more
Maybe I will win
Thinking with a grin

Lottery tickets, lottery tickets
Numbers one two three
Oh what fun it is to play
No need for a money tree

(it shouldn't come as a surprise that lottery poems were hard to find....!)

Cheeseheads The Musical

If someone does win the jackpot today, I hope the money brings happiness.  While it is fun to dream of such wealth, I feel blessed with my life right now, just the way it is....

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