November 14, 2013

The glory is fallen out of the sky

With a looming deadline of TODAY for an important presentation at work, today's blog will be short and sweet.  Hopefully things go well and I'll be back to my more "perkier" self once the stress lifts and I actually get some sleep.  In the meantime here is what greeted me two weeks ago as I left for work (it was so beautiful I had to run back in the house to grab my camera)--it's enough to take your breath away!

And then of course, there was yesterday morning.  Look up:

Look down:

Look all around:

Hello, November.  I guess you've decided to settle in and stay awhile!

I just remembered I didn't show you my "souvenir" from The Breakers!  I splurged on a lovely English tea cup and saucer.  I should have taken time to stage the picture better than this, but that looming deadline was weighing on my mind...

But a touch of elegance and a nice cup of hot tea go a long way in making evening work bearable!  

ee cummings must have seen the same sky I did yesterday morning, in order to so beautifully describe the passing of all shining things so eloquently.

The Glory Is Fallen Out Of
the glory is fallen out of
the sky the last immortal
is dead and the gold
a formal spasm
in the

this is the passing of all shining things
therefore we also

into receptive
earth, O let

shimmering wind
these fragile splendors from
us crumple them hide

them in thy breath drive
them in nothingness
for we
would sleep

this is the passing of all shining things
no lingering no backward-
wondering be unto
us O

soul, but straight
glad feet fear ruining
and glory girded

lead us
into the
steep darkness

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