August 23, 2013

Making the cut...

Thank you for all the lovely comments I received yesterday on my new garden sign.  Everyone offered a book or two that they would have used had it been their sign, so I thought you might like a list of some of the books that didn't make my cut.  Let me tell you, the selection process is brutal, when you love all of them!  In no particular order here were places I considered and then decided for various reasons not to use:

Chawton Cottage (Jane Austen's home)

 221B Baker Street
Orchard House 
(home of Louisa May Alcott and where she wrote Little Women)

Balaclava College 
(Peter Shandy mysteries by Charlotte MacLeod)

Miss Minchin's Seminary for Girls
where poor Sara Crewe was enrolled

Who can forget the first sentence in Rebecca?

215 Fergussen Hall
Dormitory assignment of Jerusha Abbott (the college name was never mentioned)
Daddy Long Legs, by Jean Webster
St. Mary Mead
Miss Marple's Village

Home of the Stark Family
Eddard and Catlyn Stark, Game of Thrones

And believe me, there were many more books than just the ones shown here!  But in the end, you just follow your heart and you can't go wrong.  And isn't it nice to have so many wonderful books to choose from?  

by Beverly McLoughland

The biggest
On the library shelf
is when you suddenly
Find yourself
Inside a book-
(the HIDDEN you)
You wonder how
The author knew.

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  1. How did I mis this!! I love the sign!!

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