August 8, 2013

Tell me the tales that to me were so dear

I apologize for the sketchy posts the last couple of weeks.  I've decided it's time to leave behind and move over to Wordpress, but I will first have to read the tutorials and figure out a game plan, so please be patient and I'll get this sorted out as quickly as possible!  It's been so frustrating to not be able to edit posts or lose my work, or even worse, not be able to write at all, so it is definitely time for a change.

And speaking of change, I'm taking a long weekend to disconnect from work (career work, house work, garden work, you name it....) and heading up north for a long weekend.  There's a song from a musical about Door County and the lyrics go something like "up nort' up nort', north of the tension line."  I think of that line every time we pass the Door County highway sign and I feel my body start to slowly unwind.  And since today was "Hug a Lighthouse Day" (who thinks up these holidays?!) I'll be a day late but I'll find one tomorrow and give it an extra hug...
Give your favorite Door County lighthouse a hug — today is National Lighthouse Day! 

It was on this day in 1789, that Congress approved an Act for the establishment and support of lighthouses, beacons, buoys and public piers. 

Discover our nautical treasures: 

I thought I'd give you a final look at Galena in today's post, featuring its long row of Main Street shops and a couple of interesting historical buildings downtown.  According to the town literature I picked up, 85% of Galena is on the National Registry of Historic Buildings. 85%!!  That's a lot of history in one small town.

Train station, now the Visitor's Center

1901 Bandstand...where's Robert Preston and Shirley Jones?!

Built in 1857, oldest Post Office in continuous use in the United States (see sign below)

Former high school, now turned into condominiums with killer views!

I love faded signage on brick buildings

Beautiful Main Street architecture

Main Street is long and filled with charming shops and cafes

Browsing through an antiques store I came upon some old favorites...

 When we walked by this grand old hotel, The DeSoto, my husband remarked that he could just imagine Abraham Lincoln giving a speech behind the bunting on the second floor balcony.  When we got close enough to read the sign, it looks like my husband's imagination was spot on!  That night the hotel was hosting an evening with Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln, complete with Abe's favorite chicken dinner and an informal conversation with them in the hotel parlor following dinner.  Wouldn't that have been fun to attend?
While I was writing this post, the following lyrics were running through my head.  I think they somehow fit with the essence of the town.  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back with tales from the north on Monday!

"Long, Long Ago"

Tell me the tales that to me were so dear
and sing me the songs I delighted to hear

Now you are come all my grief is removed
let me forget that so long you have roved
let me believe that you love as you loved

and now do you remember the path where we met
and you told me you never would forget

then to all others my smile you preferred
love when you spoke gave a charm to each word
still my heart treasures the praises I heard

though by your kindness my fond hopes were raised
I know you've by more eloquent lips have been praised
but by long absence your truth has been tried
still to your accents I listened with pride
blessed as I was when I sat by your side
long, long ago
long ago

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  1. I used to love to read the Cherry Ames books from the library! I so wanted to be a nurse, but sadly math and science are not my strongest attribute :-)