April 21, 2013

Windows to your soul...

Stained glass window in my childhood church, Indiana
I'm linking up today to my friend Claudia's Favorite Things Saturday.  Please click on the link at the bottom of this page to be transferred to her blog, where you can enjoy many more favorite things by different writers.  It's always a fun way to peek in on other blogs and get new perspectives!

My Friday post was about doors, so it seems natural that I should follow up that discussion with a few thoughts about windows.  If taking pictures of interesting doors captivates me on vacation, taking window pictures runs a close second.  Peeking in or peering out, a window offers a glimpse into a different world, a fleeting chance to wonder about how someone else lives and dreams and loves.  I particularly love these photos, taken in Greece because the linens are so beautiful! 

Here's a final picture from Greece, with a beautiful clock on Santorini framed in a courtyard window. 

I couldn't resist adding this shot of my sweet Willow, who wishes she was on the outside looking in rather than the other way around!

Because my blog wouldn't be complete without a poem, here's a nice Sunday-go-to-meeting poem for the day.  I hope all of us have a chance to be this kind of window today...

The Windows

Lord, how can man preach thy eternal word?
    He is a brittle crazy glass;
Yet in thy temple thou dost him afford
    This glorious and transcendent place,
    To be a window, through thy grace.

But when thou dost anneal in glass thy story,
    Making thy life to shine within
The holy preachers, then the light and glory
    More reverend grows, and more doth win;
    Which else shows waterish, bleak, and thin.

Doctrine and life, colors and light, in one
    When they combine and mingle, bring
A strong regard and awe; but speech alone
    Doth vanish like a flaring thing,
    And in the ear, not conscience, ring.

 And last but not least, because it's the weekend and we all deserve something to smile about, here's a final oh-so-true reflection about windows from one of my favorite humorists, Erma Bombeck. 
Happy weekend!

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  1. Hi Martha! I don't have a cup of tea, but I do have a nice glass of iced sweet tea beside me! Your pictures...windows and doors are beautiful. I especially like the opening to the lake. I am also a window lover. I live on the MS Gulf Coast and before Hurricane Katrina, we had many large antebellum homes lining the coast. It was always enjoyable driving by the big homes at night glimpsing the lovely interiors which glowed with light. Your Willow does look sweet! I am visiting from A Favorite Thing and am your newest follower. Please stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit when you get a chance. The doors and (sometimes windows) are always open!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  2. Thank you for the window into your life. I too love the linens and Erma. Well, of course Willow too!

  3. Beautiful! Excuse my mistake, but I commented on your most recent post as if it was the linked post. But that's okay - I got to read two of your wonderful posts today!