January 22, 2016

Suddenly sixty...

Good morning!  Don't you love Mary Oliver's quote?  I've been doing a lot of reflecting over the past week on my own wild and precious life, and I simply can't believe how fast the trip has been.  One minute I was this little girl...

then in a blink of an eye I was heading off to college...

followed in rapid order by marriage, a beautiful family, several career changes, and then I woke up this morning to discover I am...

Oh my.  My last decade had its full share of ups and downs---I lost my beloved father and uncle, several aunts, and my sweet shih-tzu Belle.  I was diagnosed with a chronic disease, battled cancer, and watched two dear family members battle it as well.  We endured job downsizing, and I changed careers mid-life, not an easy task.  I can truthfully say I did not always have my act together...

“I had it together on Sunday.
By Monday at noon it had cracked.
On Tuesday debris
Was descending on me.
And by Wednesday no part was intact.
On Thursday I picked up some pieces.
On Friday I picked up the rest.
By Saturday, late,
It was almost set straight.
And on Sunday the world was impressed
With how well I had got it together.” 
~~Judith Viorst

But for all the stressful times, there were so many joy-filled days.  Three of my children graduated from college, two of them married the loves of their lives, and my other two sons fell deeply in love with wonderful women.  My marriage flourished and my friendships grew deeper as we all came to realize how fleeting life is and how much we need to embrace each day as a gift.  I've spent time with my beautiful mother, with my extended family, and we welcomed our beloved grand-daughter into the world.  I camped, I hiked, I gardened, I crafted.  We all gathered to create family memories that I will cherish forever.  And I started this blog, which has brought me so much satisfaction and new friendships as well.  And for all these reasons, I face this new decade with joy and profound gratitude.

We recently watched the movie The Bucket List, and I loved a conversation towards the end of the movie about the ancient Egyptians belief about death.  When their souls got to the entrance to heaven, the guards asked two questions. Their answers determined whether they were able to enter or not. ‘Have you found joy in your life?’ ‘Has your life brought joy to others?'

"Still, what I want in my life
is to be willing
to be dazzled ---
to cast aside the weight of facts
and maybe even 
to float a little
above this difficult world."

~~Mary Oliver

I hope as I continue on my wild and precious journey, that I can remember to enjoy the little things, to be both a receiver and a bringer of joy, and to never stop being dazzled.  And with those hopes firmly in place, I am ready to face this new decade.

Today is a good day for a good day!

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