January 13, 2016

Eek...there's a mouse!

I know it's almost mid-January, but since I was sick part of December I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to all the holiday fun.  I thought you might enjoy peeking in on an adventure I had right after New Year's Day, that combined a mansion, two lovely girls, and more than a few mischievous mice.  Here's how the story goes...

Ever since my daughter started college in Oshkosh, WI, we have planned to go to the special holiday exhibit of The Nutcracker at the beautiful Paine Art Center.  But December always got so crazy busy that each year we'd end up promising each other that "next year" we'd squeeze the exhibit in.  "Next year" finally arrived the day after New Year's Day and my daughter and my son's girlfriend and I set off to explore the exhibit. The Paine Art Center is a beautiful building with special memories--my daughter and I enjoyed a Norman Rockwell exhibit a couple of years ago, her wedding photos were taken in the beautiful gardens there, and this past fall my husband and I thoroughly loved its special Downton Abbey costume exhibit this past fall.


We weren't quite sure what to expect with this special holiday exhibit, although we knew based on previous visits that it was sure to be spectacular!  The Nutcracker has very special memories for my whole family, and I'll write more about those sugar-plum sweet memories later this week.  I can't wait to show you some of the stunning displays!  I thought it might be fun in this post to focus on all the little mice that were displayed so cleverly throughout the house.

If you brought children to the exhibit, they could go on a "mouse hunt" to see if they could discover all the little figurines.  I can't wait to introduce Lily to this wonderful holiday exhibit! Today's poem features a few of the verses from Wong Herbert Lee's delightful book, Eek, There's a Mouse in the House!  And at the Paine Art Center, that was Eek! many times over!!

There's a mouse in the house!

There's a mouse in the house!

Send in the cat
To catch that rat!

Uh-oh, the cat 
knocked over a lamp

Send in the dog
To catch that scamp!

Dear me!
The dog has broken a dish
And now the cat is after a fish!

Send in a hog
To shoo that dog!

Oh my!
The hog is eating the cake
Sending the hog was a big mistake!

And to top off our very special tour, we ended up in the Sugar Plum Fairy cafe (aka the Garden Conservatory) with an extra special treat!  

May your day be as scrumptious as this beautiful cupcake!
And please remember...
Today is a good day for a good day!!

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