September 30, 2015

I mean to let myself be embraced...

Good morning!  Today I'm sharing a poem by Philip Booth which sums up so beautifully how I felt on vacation.  The pictures are from some of our walks in Missouri--I'm already missing the lovely time we spent in nature. 

Talk About Walking

Where am I going? I’m going
out, out for a walk.

I don’t
know where except outside.
Outside argument, out beyond
wallpapered walls, outside
wherever it is where nobody
ever imagines.

Beyond where
computers circumvent emotion,
where somebody shorted specs
for rivets for air frames on
today’s flights. I’m taking off
on my own two feet.

I’m going
to clear my head, to watch
mares’-tails instead of TV,
to listen to trees and silence,
to see if I can still breathe.

I’m going to be alone with
myself, to feel how it feels
to embrace what my feet
tell my head, what wind says
in my good ear.

  I mean to let
myself be embraced, to let go
feeling so centripetally old.
Do I know where I’m going?
I don’t. How long or far
I have no idea. No map.
I said I was going to take
a walk. When I’ll be back
I’m not going to say.

Maybe today's poem will inspire all of us to take a walk today!  No matter what the day brings, please know how much I appreciate each one of you!

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