September 2, 2015

I can't help thinking of thanks...

Last week was move-in time for our newly renovated office building.  I shared some photos of my old cubicle environment back in May, and after a summer of shared work space and lots of construction disruption we are all settled in and ready to face our busy fall schedules.  Can you guess what floor I now work on?

I'll admit, I was a bit nervous about how I would feel working in a more "open" environment.  I had a private office in my old job and at first struggled to adjust to cubicle-land when I started this job.  But so far I find my new space quite nice---the benefit of taking down all the cubicles is how much natural light now floods the floor.  We have huge floor to ceiling floors all along one wall of the floor that overlooks the dairy barns on campus, so anytime I stand and stretch my legs I can turn around and see cows and horses, with the lake in the distance.  You can probably guess by my computer screensaver in the picture below that I'm a country girl at heart, so I really love that view right outside the windows!


Although relatively small, my new work space is well organized and has way more storage than I initially thought I would have.  A place for everything and everything in its place...I like that!  Being more open to the rest of the floor also encourages me to keep all my papers more contained and not spread out all over.  I like coming in to a tidy desk each morning. But what I really love?  The definition of philanthropy is painted on the wall I face...a daily reminder of why I do what I do.  I love looking up and seeing "generosity of spirit" and "sense of gratitude" as constant reminders of what I strive to achieve in my personal as well as my work life.

These photos were taken last week--I hadn't finished personalizing my space yet with plants and pictures.  Having two monitors so that I can have different spreadsheets open at the same time is so handy.  One of the IT people promised me it would be "life changing"...not sure about that yet, but it is definitely a big improvement.  We also received brand new, incredibly comfortable work chairs and our work stations all raise and lower at the push of a button.  That means I can take a break and stand while working during the day to stretch my legs.  I love it!

But wait, there's more!  We are also lucky enough to have a totally remodeled staff kitchen, complete with fresh healthy food choices (plus chips and candy bars for those afternoon slumps) and an amazing coffee machine.  Caff√® Mocha at work?  Yes, please!!

Not all the benches and high top counters were installed yet when I took this picture last week, but our old conference room was converted into a bright, sun-filled work cafe where staff can eat lunch (no more sandwich crumbs at my desk!), work on our laptops or grab a cup of coffee and meet with a colleague.  It's simply wonderful having a fresh new space that encourages collaboration and creativity.  

I thought this poem by Suji Kwock Kim was appropriate for today, as I spend my days working to thank donors for their generosity and my nights being thankful for all the blessings in my life.  And today I am extra thankful for my new work environment and for all of you who take time out of your busy days to connect with me on this space.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.   


If the angle of an eye is all,   
the slant of hope, the slant of dreaming, according to each life,
what is the light of this city,
light of Lady Liberty, possessor of the most famous armpit in the world,
light of the lovers on Chinese soap operas, throwing BBQ’d ducks at each other   
                                                             with that live-it-up-while-you’re-young, Woo Me kind of love,
light of the old men sitting on crates outside geegaw shops
                                                             selling dried seahorses & plastic Temples of Heaven,
light of the Ying ‘n’ Yang Junk Palace,
light of the Golden Phoenix Hair Salon, light of Wig-o-ramas,
light of the suntanners in Central Park turning over like rotisserie chickens sizzling on a spit,
light of the Pluck U & Gone with the Wings fried-chicken shops,
the parking-meter-leaners, the Glamazons,
the oglers wearing fern-wilting quantities of cologne, strutting, trash-talking, glorious:
the immigrants, the refugees, the peddlars, stockbrokers and janitors, stenographers and cooks,
all of us making and unmaking ourselves,   
hurrying forwards, toward who we’ll become, one way only, one life only:   
free in time but not from it,
here in the city the living make together, and make and unmake over and over
Quick, quick, ask heaven of it, of every mortal relation,
feeling that is fleeing,
for what would the heart be without a heaven to set it on?
I can’t help thinking no word will ever be as full of life as this world,   
I can’t help thinking of thanks.

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