July 23, 2015

would you care to sit with me?

I may have yearned for George as a teenager (I always went for the quiet, misunderstood band members) but over the years I've developed a deep affection for many of Paul McCartney's lyrics. Here's a favorite song of mine from his album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.  The album title seems to fit my garden as well! 

Would you care to sit with me
For a cup of English tea?

Very twee, very me
 Any sunny morning

What a pleasure it would be
Chatting so delightfully

Nanny bakes fairy cakes
Every Sunday morning

Miles of miles of English garden
Stretching past the willow tree

Lines of hollyhocks and roses
Listen most attentively

Do you know the game croquet?
Peradventure we might play

Very gay, hip hooray
Any sunny morning

As a rule the church bells chime
When it's almost supper time  

Nanny bakes fairy cakes
On a Sunday morning

Would you care to sit with me
and have a cup of English tea??

I know I've shared these lyrics before, but just like a wonderful poem deserves more than one reading, good song lyrics should be re-visited and enjoyed often.  Aren't we lucky to be able to include poetry---music---gardens---in our lives each and every day?  The lovely pink teacup and saucer on the gazing ball?  It was my great grandmother's...one more thing I treasure every day! 


  1. Your posts this summer have reflected my feelings perfectly. This one is perfect, Paul's lyrics and a garden! I shall be over for eke ensues 💐

  2. Silly spellcheck, hasn't heard of 11ies!