July 8, 2015

Here we goat again...

On my last visit to Door County, I couldn't help but notice that something was in abundance, namely...goats.  A lot of goats!

It reminded me of one of my college professors, who almost everyone morning in our 8 a.m. music history class, would stroll in clutching an extra large cup of coffee, proclaiming "...as J.S. Bach said, bring me a large bowl of coffee before I turn into a goat."

You have goat to be kidding me...

Sorry, these puns may have goat out of hand...

And since all of these signs were in Sister Bay, near the harbor, we just may need a bigger goat...

Oops, I meant boat!

Hmmm, I may have goat too far at this point...

But really, what's more adorable than goats on a Scandinavian restaurant rooftop??

And while you might find this hard to believe, it took awhile to find a goat poem for this post!  This is an excerpt from The Last Goat in Bergen County, by Joe Salerno.  You can find the entire poem here.  If you would like to read more from this poet, his family has built a very nice website where you can read more about his work and discover some really great poetry.  (you can find this website here.)

The Last Goat in Bergen County
~~Joe Salerno

Oh master of humbleness
Master of the ancient "baaaaa",
Companion of Plato and Jesus,
Eater of boots and tin cans,
Is this how you end up--
On a little hilltop 
amidst the rush hour traffic,
standing undignified like a god
in long underwear locked out of heaven?

Each day, driving past, I watch your stringy wisdom beard
blowing in the breeze of passing cars,
wondering what you may be thinking, 
hobbling around in the snow and rain and heat.

Dream on, old knobby knees, dream on,
And in your goat dreams recall those brighter days of Arcady 
and those ancient nights of lust and fluted music,
when shepherds slept undaunted on the hills 
and the mad god Pan, ugly as sin,
shook the endless woods with noisy dancing.

And at this point I have run out of puns, and will simply wish you a wonderful Wednesday!

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