July 15, 2015

Another perfect weekend in my beloved Door County!  Campfires, cherry pies, acres of wild flowers, s'mores, a vast evening sky filled with a million twinkling stars, and amazing sunrises over the water...

from Sunrise Along Shore

Athwart the harbor lingers yet
The ashen gleam of breaking day,
And where the guardian cliffs are set
The noiseless shadows steal away;
But all the winnowed eastern sky
Is flushed with many a tender hue,
And spears of light are smiting through
The ranks where huddled sea-mists fly.

— L.M. Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables

And to make the weekend even more special, we were joined by my daughter and son-in-law.  We spent time on the beach and enjoyed another great family musical production under the stars at Northern Sky Theater.

I was delighted that they were able to join us but I must confess (and I really hope I don't sound too petty!) there seemed to be a generational difference in our weekend experience.  My husband and I camped.  My daughter and her husband glamped.  As in glamping... a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

And what, you may ask, does this really mean at our nice little campsite?  For starters,  I pride myself on being cheap thrifty so our camping comforter is the one we bought the first year we were married and proudly displayed on our water bed.  Yes, I admit it--we owned a water bed.  This blanket is so old it's vintage!  My daughter, however, proudly displayed a beautiful new blanket with matching pillows. 
 Do you see what is next to the bed?  End tables!  Actually small plastic chests for their clothes, which also handily serve as small tables for their oh-so-cute lanterns with battery operated candles.  Let me tell you, it made the little overhead light in my tent look rather pedestrian.

And did you notice the cute little bicycle clock?  Honestly....

 I thought I was ingenious to think of putting small chairs inside our tent so that we can read or relax during stormy weather.  

My daughter, meanwhile, glamped in her shiny new hammock.

I packed our lunches in our picnic basket--the one I gave my parents as a gift when I was in college.  I thought the idea of picnic basket was so terribly romantic.  I'm sure my dad wondered what the heck I was thinking--going fishing at the lake just required a sandwich wrapped in wax paper, not a proper basket~~

My daughter, meanwhile, showed off her pretty new wedding gift...

 I boiled water for instant coffee in our old reliable camp stove that has served us well for thirty some years...

 But must confess I had serious camper-envy over their shiny new one!!

And the glamp/camp wars continued...my Coleman lantern looked pretty dinky next to their bigger and brighter one...

But as Tevye is fond of pointing out to his wife in Fiddler on the Roof, "it's a new world, Golde."  I guess the great outdoors is big enough to accomodate both campers and glampers, because in the end we both want the same thing...time outside to renew our spirits and refresh our souls.  And I'm happy to report that is exactly what all four of us did!

Have a beautiful day!!

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