April 18, 2014

Time to wrap up the baby shower before the weekend arrives!  If it takes a village to help throw a baby shower, in particular it takes sweet women to help host the party, and I was lucky enough to have some amazing women offer their help.  Where would I have been without the cheerful and willing assistance of my daughter, one of my best friends, and my daughter-in-law's step-mother?  We all gathered early at the church and had the decorating all done in less than an hour.  They brought flowers, activities, decor, and most of all, hearts filled with love for the expectant couple. 

This is going to be a really picture heavy blog, because I've had so many requests to share a lot of the pictures, so I'll keep the text short and let the pictures tell the story:

Name tags and "guess how many kisses" in the sandpail

It wouldn't be a proper story book shower without lots and lots of story books, as well as lovely floral bouquets and sparkly pinwheels...

Guest book was a thumprint tree...

Favors were mini chocolate chip cookies and Give a Mouse a Cookie bookmarks

Dessert table

Peter Rabbit's veggie tray and Hungry Caterpillar's fruit tray

And look at the coconut candy that fell from the coconut tree!!

Forks only...because the dish ran away with the spoon, of course!

And the story books brought back fond memories for my children (in front and behind!)
And fun was had by all at the "activity table"...you could decorate pages for an alphabet book, or you could decorate a onesie.

And we obviously had some creative, craftsy people at the shower!  Won't it be fun to dress the baby in these?  The baby ended up with over thirty new little shirts!

And at the end of the day (and shower) what better advice than this?!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a blessed Easter weekend...


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