May 10, 2013

Confession time....I am not winning the turf war for my pretty yellow begonia hanging basket.  I might be able to claim a skirmish or two, but Mama Cardinal is pretty well ensconced in her new nest/basket.  Obviously she is relishing the spa qualities of being surrounded by lush foliage and having a soft, gentle shower every day.  She's evidently been showing off her new digs, because every time I step outside several  cardinal bff's (best friends forever...) take flight!  Come on, ladies!  It's a hanging basket, not the Cardinal Come On Inn...
This was taken through my kitchen window, but you can see the saucy little minx, staring straight back at me!
Since it's Friday, I thought we'd ease into the weekend with a fun little game called "What's Wrong With This Picture?"  Are you ready?  Here we go...

Forsythia garden...May 2012

Forsythia garden...May 2013

Unbelievably, my computer is assuring me these pictures were all taken on the same day!   May 9th, 2012

May 9, 2013

May 9, 2012

May 9, 2013
Can you blame me for starting to feel a little impatient?  At least my hyacinths rsvp'd and showed up for my spring party! My other seasonal visitors are a bit disappointing, to say the least.

Finally, some color in the garden!  May 2013
Here's a cute little poem that expresses my frustration exactly.  It's called Impatient Gardener, but unfortunately I couldn't discover the poet's name.  Have a wonderful Friday, and I'll be back tomorrow with my last post before vacation!

Oh tender shoots, why still sleep beneath frozen earth cold and deep?
Upon this earth awaits in vain one who needs your blooms again
Do you miss the sky? The birds and sun?
Your blossoms, do they want to come?
Without you this world’s so bleak and cold,
Brown and gray, no colors bold
No fragrance sweet, no bouquets to hold
Oh tender shoots, why still sleep beneath frozen earth cold and deep?
Upon this earth a gardener waits to catch a glimpse, just one peep
Have pity on this weary one
Weighed down from winter’s gloom and glum
Return to me, you leaf and stem
Come grace my garden beds again
For now I only wonder - when?

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  1. Everything is blooming so much later this year! Especially in your neck of the woods. You might as well give up - those cardinals have taken over your hanging basket and there's nothing you can do about it!