May 29, 2013

A very good place to start....

When you woke up this morning, I bet the first thing you thought was "hey, I wonder what words of wisdom Martha has to share with me today."  I knew it!  So here goes...

Maybe not quite the wisdom you were expecting?  Well, it seemed quite appropriate to me, as I continue to count down my trials and tribulations in getting ready for my vacation.  And I would have shined my sink, really I would have, garbage disposal broke.  And started leaking.  And my dishwasher overflow valve started overflowing.  And since we couldn't get it fixed before we left, I had to leave my sons with a basically non-functioning kitchen sink for the two weeks we were gone. really needs shining now!

So maybe I need to look elsewhere for inspiration?  How about this one?  Gosh, I hope not!
This, my friends, is a thought too scary to contemplate....!!

Before I pile on the rest of the craziness, I'll share my new counter tops with you--they look amazing!

No more imperfections, no nasty cracks, and the little flecks of brown and black make my appliances really look like they belong in my kitchen now.

 And check out my awesome new non-leaking faucet!
So we wrapped up the kitchen projects...and started looking for the next one.  I know!  How about ripping out the pathetically worn and out-dated green living room carpet?! 
 Because what woman doesn't want to experience living without flooring for a few weeks?
 Or even better, how about living with a floor full of flooring while the new wood 'acclimates'??
My new floor goes in Thursday morning, so perhaps there is an end to all this craziness.  Or not.

As the infomercials say...But wait! There's more!!

So on our final work day before vacation my husband picked me up at 5 pm.  We high-fived ourselves and did a little 'going on vacation' dance in the car.  Eased out onto the road and as we pulled up to the first stop sign the little boy in the car next to us rolled down his window and looked straight at us.  And then threw up.  We watched in disbelief, and then I jokingly said I hoped that wasn't a vacation omen!  We got home, opened a bottle of wine and sat down on the sofa (after carefully making our way through the boxes of flooring and trying very hard not to trip with the wine bottle, the glasses and the plates of cheese and crackers).  Our dog came in the room, looked at us...and threw up on our feet. 

I could not make this up if I tried!

The next morning my son put a load of all his good shirts in the washing machine. He called me down to the laundry room an hour later so that we could have a mother-son bonding moment over the discovery that the city sewer HAD BACKED UP INTO THE WASHING MACHINE.  Yup.  And...the washing machine would now not spin out the water.  Yup. Yup. And yup. Or more accurately, Ick. Ick.  And ick. Goodbye special t-shirts!

Which now meant, that in addition to my broken garbage disposal, overflowing dishwasher valve and no living room floor (and we won't talk about all the leftover 'stuff' from my kitchen that was still sitting on my dining room table with no place to go), I now had a non-functioning washing machine.  So, it was off to the laundromat in order to have clean clothes to pack.  Because where better to kick off your long anticipated vacation than the laundromat?
And this is why I needed a vacation!!  Tomorrow I'll start sharing some travel adventures, I promise.   No poem today...I honestly couldn't think of anything that could possibly tie in with all of this, so here's a little thought for today instead.

 Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your positive attitude in the face of all those homeowner woes is inspiring! Have a wonderful vacation!

  2. What is that saying? Um..."Bad things come in three's".....Let's hope that it applies here :)

  3. OH, not fun. But the end result is going to be great! Really love the new countertop!

  4. With all the construction and other home-related problem happening in your house, having a vacation is really a must. Good thing you finished the countertops and faucet installation; this will somehow lessen a number of loads in your checklist. ->Robbie @