March 23, 2016

I'm not sure what tomorrow's weather will hold for us, as the storm maps have been jumping all over the place in terms of how much snow we are going to receive.  But that is outside.  INSIDE, our house says spring has arrived!

My dining room buffet top has changed from celebrating all things Irish to gentle reminders that spring is here.

This pretty cake stand is a great way to display my two little Lefton china figurines and a tiny teapot from Bath, England.  I love the little lamb's expression!

Sorry for the lighting in this picture--even with the flash off it was hard to get a good shot of this sweet little goslings picture.  This hung in my grandmother's home in Indiana when I was a little girl, and I was so touched when my mother gave it to me a few years ago.  It usually hangs in my library but it seems just right for an Easter display!


And next to the goslings is my prized McCoy vase, filled with pink and green flowers that match the plate to its right.

The plate is a new addition, but with all my children coming home for Easter, it seemed apropos.  I love having a home where my loved ones want to gather together.

Even my hibiscus wants to jump on the spring bandwagon!!

In my family room, I took a decorating tip from Joanna Gainers from HGTV's Fixer Upper show and used a few vintage books in my spring mantel display...

I think my little figurine is waiting patiently for those April showers to arrive!  She's perched on one of my all-time favorite books, and behind her is one of the pansy prints from my mother's birthday celebration last year.

Hopefully flowers will soon be blooming outside, just like they are on this little cottage!  The title of the book sums up this blog (and me) pretty well.

Here's a spring poem from Longfellow to cheer us up in spite of the weather forecast.  I can't wait for more glittering sun and clear blue skies!  We'll celebrate Longfellow's The Return of Spring today, even if tomorrow we return to winter!

Now Time throws off his cloak again
Of ermined frost, and wind, and rain,
And clothes him in the embroidery
Of glittering sun and clear blue sky.
With beast and bird the forest rings,
Each in his jargon cries or sings;
And Time throws off his cloak again.
Of ermined frost, and wind, and rain.

River, and fount, and tinkling brook
Wear in their dainty livery
Drops of silver jewelry;
In new-made suit they merry look;
And Time throws off his cloak again
Of ermined frost, and wind, and rain.

But rain or shine (or even snow) shouldn't stop us from remembering that


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