September 10, 2012

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Thou comest, Autumn, heralded by the rain,
With banners, by great gales incessant fanned,
Brighter than brightest silks of Samarcand,
And stately oxen harnessed to thy wain!
Thou standest, like imperial Charlemagne,
Upon thy bridge of gold; thy royal hand
Outstretched with benedictions o'er the land,
Blessing the farms through all thy vast domain!
Thy shield is the red harvest moon, suspended
So long beneath the heaven's o'er-hanging eaves;
Thy steps are by the farmer's prayers attended;
Like flames upon an altar shine the sheaves;
And, following thee, in thy ovation splendid,
Thine almoner, the wind, scatters the golden leaves! 

And here we are--we have circled back to another Monday!  I hope you had a refreshing weekend and have things to look forward to during the work week.  I love the fall--I have been a 'sweater weather' girl all my life.  I love the cool, crisp days and being able to have the windows open to fall breezes.  I love watching the leaves turn colors and hot apple cider.  Yesterday I hung my fall wreath, and set out my fall decor, including lovely new table linens from my last trip to Door County.  These are my last pictures from Maine...tomorrow we will head to Massachusetts and some new pictures and poets!

What's your favorite season?  I'd love to hear from you!
Enjoy your day!

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