August 12, 2015


Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses...or the coffee...and remember that it's the little things in life that can bring so much joy, if only we allow ourselves time to savor the moments and not just focus on everything that is swirling around us.  As I walked into my kitchen this morning here are the things that made me smile...

 Downton Abbey tea towels, a little treat for myself on my last trip to Door County
Both of the Countess' sayings simply couldn't be more true right now...

While love has been plentiful, the "strong cups of coffee' have been sadly few and far between due to our coffee pot being on its last has been taking over an hour to painstakingly slowly drip out ONE cup!!

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered a coffee machine on sale for 75% off yesterday!  This morning I had a fresh hot cup of coffee in my hands only minutes after waking up.  And that, my friends, is a seriously good thing.

And as I poured my first cup, using my "happy memories" mug from my recent trip to Martha's Vineyard, a glimpse out my kitchen window reminded me once again to treasure the journey...

And of course one of the things I truly cherish is my friendship with all of you that take the time to share a cup of tea and read about my day.  You are so appreciated! 

Final thought for the's a sneak peek of something else I think I will cherish...a new cookbook! I'll share details tomorrow...I wish you were here to enjoy a cup of tea and a scone with me!

I'll finish today's post on a light-hearted note with The Laughing Song by Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley.  I hope you enjoy it and that today you will also take a moment to find joy in the simple things of life!

Sing us something full of laughter;
Tune your harp and twang the strings
Till our glad voice, chipring after,
Mates the song the robin sings.
Loose your lips and let them flutter
Like the wings of wanton birds--
Though they naught but laughter utter,
Laugh, and we'll not miss the words.

Like the lisping laughter glancing
From the meadow brooks and springs,
Or the river's ripples dancing
to the tune the current sings--
Sing of Now, and the Hereafter;
Let your glad song, like the birds',
Overflow with limpid laughter--
Laugh, and we'll not miss the words.

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