May 28, 2015

Poetry in motion...


Last weekend was jam packed with all sorts of good things!  Time with my mother and siblings, a chance to converse with nieces and nephews that I don't get to see very often, a fun graduation party, and as an added bonus...a volleyball tournament!  It just so happened that my husband and I were driving through the city where the tournament took place, so we had our first opportunity to see my niece in action.
Volleyball Player--
Someone who steps onto the court and
transforms from typical teenage girl, to an
amazing, fierce, and unbelievable firecracker
who refuses to give up.

Characteristics include:
spandex, sweaty face, bruises,
and a look in her eyes 
that says bring it.

What I admire so much about her is her tenacious ferocity...her single minded determination to not give up, not give in.  She has spent the last two years struggling with the physical and emotional repercussions of a truly awful concussion from basketball, but through it all she has hung in there and has never lost her can-do spirit.  Watching her play was a joy--she's beautiful and strong and as I watched her bring everything she had to the game the lyrics of a favorite song of my daughter's kept running through my head.  Yes, she truly was poetry in motion...

There's a whole lot of love in the world today
Going around, it'll come your way
The sun is back and it's gonna stay
Everybody wants some love sometimes
(Poetry in motion)

There's the sound, the feeling everywhere
Reach out and fling, love is in the air
The heart of the song is the life I swear
Everybody needs some love sometimes
Ain't it good to feel this way
Ain't it good to know
Love is back and its gonna stay
Love will bring a toll
Ooh, ooh, ooh, poetry in motion

There's a valley of light from the mountain top
A message of love that'll never stop
To have not to hold is the love you've got
Everybody wants some love sometimes
(Poetry in motion)

Poetry in Motion

So proud of you, my sweet niece! 

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