May 19, 2015

a little bit of this, a little bit of that...

The song from Fiddler on the Roof seems appropriate for today's blog...catching you up on some of the comings and goings around here.  Yesterday heralded the new "living arrangements" at my workplace...I think I can safely speak for most of my colleagues when I say we were a little dismayed to discover what close quarters a cubicle meant for one can be when it is shared by two.  I ended up sitting at a funny angle in my chair because of a slanted keyboard stand, and by the time I got home my evening revolved around Aleve and a heating pad.  

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Who would have thought I'd actually be missing my old cubicle??
My back probably was also suffering from a little too much gardening this weekend, but it was wonderfully gratifying to peek outside this morning and see the progress!

Front and back window boxes planted...

Front walkway weeded and cheerful geraniums and violas planted...

Umbrella table planter decked out in colorful moss roses and impatiens...I seem to be gravitating towards bright oranges and yellows in my garden this year instead of my traditional pastels.

All gardening done, of course, under the watchful eye of my faithful companion...

You can see why I just had to buy this garden flag!

It's almost Lily time!  And yes, that means my lilies of the valley are blooming, and my day lilies are filling out beautifully...

But it also means that my darling Lily is getting ready to turn one!  Oh my gosh, where did this year go?!  She celebrated with her Milwaukee relatives and friends last weekend...what a party girl!


 And if that wasn't enough to celebrate, it turned out that yesterday was an extra special day at our house!!  Kudos to my husband, who after thirty four years of golfing, had his first HOLE IN ONE!  Way to go, sweetheart!!

Special ball is proudly displayed on our You Are Special plate...

Here's a celebration poem by Mike Birdscratch just for you, honey!

As I approach the beauty of the waving blades marked with golden stakes
I feel the gentle breeze brushing through my hair standing on the overlooking mound
The power rushes through my hands as I pick up my powerful staff to tame this green beauty
I swing my staff with all my might at the unusually round white evil of the average man
As I forcefully strike evil and watch, it soars gently through the air
It slowly lifts towards the heavens but is just as slowly denied and falls to the final battlefield
Softly landing on the forbidden grounds it shakes a white flag at me signaling submission
Finally I have won I have been accepted in to God’s green heavens

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  1. My husband had his first hole in one recently too - it is exciting!