October 30, 2014

Cape Cod, October 2013
I must confess, right now I'm missing the hustle and bustle of having young ones in the house (don't worry, I'm sure that yearning will be long gone by Saturday morning!).  My children all loved the fun of dressing up on Halloween, and intense discussions of costume ideas started long before the pumpkins were fat and ready for carving.  One of these days I'll have the time to scan and convert all my old photos into digital so that I have more photos to share, but I did unearth a few memorable costumes from the past:

Ahoy, maties...pirates and dragons were my first attempt at costume design---not bad for a novice!  I blush now to admit, but the little dragon's face is green from mint toothpaste.  Seemed like an inspired idea at the time...

Ah yes, Batman.  This is the Batman who INSISTED on a gold belt to complete the costume.  So I did what any mother who has LOST HER MIND would do, and drove twenty miles back to the school where I taught band and borrowed a marching band uniform belt before we went trick or treating.  Because you wouldn't want to let Batman down, right?  Fortunately the cute pumpkin was pretty laid back.

And then there was the "easy" witch costume from Family Fun magazine.  The one that took hours to make and ended up with glow-in-the-dark ORANGE paint exploding from its tube in the family room and covering furniture, carpet, windows, walls and even the ceiling fan with globs of orange fluorescent paint.  But it was worth all the aggravation in the end...she made a cute witch, didn't she?  And besides, it gave us an instant eerie orange night light in the family room for years!

One final picture...a real "blast from the past".  All the way back to 1972 and my sibs, decked out in their Halloween finery and ready to take on the streets in search of the biggest candy bar!


As the pumpkins said, isn't Halloween fun?

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