June 11, 2014

Good morning!  I wrote this post last night after work, as I thought I might be too tired this morning to write anything that made sense.  I was right.  It's soooo hard to put down a good book!!

Some words are just so beautiful that you can't help but love them.  One of my favorite words?  Serendipity.
And as luck would have it, guess what shy little wild flowers were scattered all over our campsite last weekend?  Little blue forget-me-nots.  And why would that be serendipitous?  Only because today, after five years of eagerly and anxiously waiting (yes, five years!!!) for the next book in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series to come out, it is finally here.

I rushed out at lunch time and purchased it, so I wouldn't have to waste time after work but could come straight home and start reading.  But oh my, how those hours from one o'clock to five o'clock stretched out at work!!  And when I got home, my ever-so-understanding husband was sporting an old name badge of his on his shirt...he reckoned I probably would be so tied up in the book I might forget who he was.  He reckoned right.

It's been a long wait and I am eager to start.  I've had enough discipline to hold off on opening the book yet, wanting to write my blog and prepare supper (a quick one!) before I settle down with a glass of wine and savor opening the book for the very first time.  And I'm conflicted...I want to tear through the book as I am desperate to find out what has happened to my favorite characters, and yet...I want to enjoy each word and each scene as it unfolds, knowing full well that it might be a very long wait until the next book arrives.

In case you aren't familiar with the series, the humble forget-me-not starts the main character, Claire, on an unforgettable adventure through time into the brawny arms of a Scottish highlander, Jamie.  Since I knew the book was coming out today, you can imagine my delight on spotting the delicate little flowers at my camp site!  If I'd had a miniature Jamie in my pocket, I guess I could have set up camp like this!

That awkward moment, right before you fall through time. Notice the forget-me-nots.
And even more exciting, STARZ is producing a television series based on the first book, Outlander, which premieres August 9th.  In the picture above, you can see Claire on her search for the elusive forget-me-nots.  Needless to say, please don't try calling me that evening.

So I'm off to my reading couch, wine in hand, to say hello to the newest book!  I'll try to surface tomorrow to let you know how it's going..
Okay...I couldn't resist this picture.  But I really don't own a Jamie doll.

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  1. I started it yesterday and am so happy to be reading about Jamie and Claire :-)
    I'm trying not to read too fast or it will be done too soon :-)