June 19, 2013

Bet you didn't know...

Boys and their toys aren't just for garages!  Lots of manly pleasure can be gained from:

high tech tents that have hinged doors for easy entry:
and come equipped with (drum roll please) interior LED lighting
that operates with an honest to goodness light switch!
There's nothing like the thrill of playing 'beat the clock'....if the tent box promises EASY UP in TEN MINUTES, well then, game on!
Ten fingers=ten minutes!
Sad to say, we lost that round, but in our defense it took us 23 minutes because it was the very first time we'd used our new tent (Phil's Christmas gift) so we had to unpack it and read directions.  I bet we can beat the clock in July!  We had better luck with our new dining canopy, though.  Our previous screen tent died a nasty zipper death last summer and we hadn't planned to replace it right away, but a rainy spring has led to a bumper crop of mosquitoes this year, and while I may be a nature girl, I do have my limits.  So off we went to the local hardware store where we inevitably wind up every single camping trip replacing something we've forgotten, and found this amazing EASY UP screen tent that promised ONE MINUTE assembly!  Yes, one minute!!  Be still my heart!  And guess what?  It delivered on its promise.  I ended up doing the happy dance around the tent, but fortunately for me Phil didn't think about capturing it on camera.
Seriously...lay it on the ground, extend the legs and lock them in place, lift it up, and poof--screen tent!

And because we live in Wisconsin, happy home of brat lovers, what better to cook them on than this nifty propane grill?  It made my husband and my daughter's fiance' very happy indeed....

And that, my friends, is how to keep a Wisconsin guy happy.  Even if he is from Pittsburgh, PA.  Stay tuned tomorrow for what makes ME happy out in the woods (hint, no assembly required!) 

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